Do you have a stabbing or nagging pain around your big toe?

When osteoarthritis is present in the big toe joint, it often restricts movement in that joint. The quality of the cartilage has deteriorated and has become thin and soft. It is a common problem and not age related.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis MTP 1

When there is osteoarthritis in the big toe joint, you will likely experience stabbing and / or nagging pain in and around the joint. It is especially painful when walking when you have to bend the toe. In addition, it is possible that a lump can be seen around the joint, we call this an exostosis.

The development of osteoarthritis in the big toe joint can have various causes. It is often a combination of these factors. The following factors play a role in this:

  1. Joint infections (such as gout, rheumatism)
  2. Heredity
  3. Different foot position / foot function
  4. Trauma / fracture in the past

The wear and tear cannot be reduced by the podiatrist, but the podiatrist can ensure that the pain complaints are reduced. For this it is important to first look at how the foot function is. If the settlement does not go over the big toe in the right way, it will experience too high a load.

This overload on the big toe must be reduced and this can be by means of manual therapy in combination with podiatric soles. In addition, the podiatrist will look closely at the properties of the shoe and advise you when necessary.

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