Anyone with biomechanical complaints can contact PodoPro

These are complaints that affect your gait and the settlement of your foot. Are you experiencing pain while walking? You are not alone. We regularly see complaints of the foot, the leg and the back in athletes, children, the elderly and diabetics. Podotherapy can also make a difference for you.

Do you want to move without complaints again? Podiatry can help you with this.

Do you experience abnormalities in the movement or position of your foot - or do you have an abnormal gait? There is a good chance that this will cause pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back. It is not necessary to keep walking around with your complaint. A podiatrist identifies the cause and remedies or reduces the pain.

PodoPro thinks beyond your foot complaint
The treatment is personal and is based on your wishes. Has the therapy been successful? Then we will give you preventive advice to prevent new complaints. Even if we cannot treat you, we will help you decide on the next steps. You will always be helped in our network of specialists.

You can also contact us for nail surgery and wound care
Our podiatrists treat skin and nail conditions that a medical pedicurist should not treat. Think of ingrown nails or (preventive) wound care for diabetics. Would you like to experience how things can be done differently? Feel free to make an appointment.

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