Do you ever suffer from your back?

Many people, especially adults, regularly have pain in their (lower) back. Sometimes it occurs suddenly, but often a nagging and annoying pain in the lower back develops. This pain hinders functioning in daily life to a greater or lesser extent. This pain is often accompanied by a stiff feeling in the back. The pain in the back is often at the bottom of the back. The back complaint can also go together with radiation to the upper or even lower leg.

Causes of back pain

It is often unclear what causes back pain. However, low back pain is regularly caused by incorrect or overloading of the back. SI joints and incorrect loading of SI joints can also cause pain in the lower back. Causes of this can be:

  • Leg length difference
  • Scoliosis and Kyphosis (curvature in the back itself)
  • Deviant position of the foot
  • Overpronation (tilting inward too much) of the feet when walking

Handling your complaints?
At PodoPro you get the experts who can help you treat your (low) back complaints. We look for the cause of your back pain and look for the best possible solution. We pay attention to the way you walk (settlement of the feet), the position of your feet, but also to your shoes.

PodoPro gives you tailor-made advice for optimal treatment of the complaints in your back. We work closely with specialized physiotherapists and manual therapists.

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