Do you have a nagging pain on the outside of your hip (s)?

This pain can be present while walking, but can also occur at night when lying in bed. Then you may have a bursitis in your hip. This complaint is also called trochanter major pain syndrome. This pain complaint is more common in middle-aged women.

What is bursitis?

There is a bulge on the bone of the thigh, the greater trochanter. This is on the outside of your hip. There is a bursa on top of the greater trochanter. The function of this bursa is to reduce friction between the muscles in the hip and the hip bone itself. If there is excessive friction of the bursa, it becomes irritated and sometimes even inflamed.

Cause of bursitis
The excessive friction on the outside of the hip can be caused by:

  • abnormal position of the foot, ankle or hip structure
  • leg length difference
  • abnormal gait
  • stiff or strained hip muscles
  • decreased strength in the hip muscles

Treatment of your hip complaints
PodoPro podiatrists are specialists in the field of hip complaints, the cause of which is an abnormal position and gait. We look for the cause of your hip back pain and look for the best possible solution. We pay attention to the way you walk (settlement of the feet), the position of your feet, but also to your shoes. If the cause of your hip complaint can be found in your feet or ankles, our podiatrists will look for blockages.

A blockage prevents proper progression while walking. PodoPro podiatrists will remedy these blockages by applying manual therapy (the so-called 'loosening' of the foot and ankle). We will often also advise sole therapy to achieve an optimal result.

PodoPro gives you tailor-made advice for optimal treatment of the complaints in your hips. If necessary, we work together with specialized physiotherapists and manual therapists.

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