Complaints from your foot do not always cause pain in your foot

In many cases, foot-related complaints cause pain in your ankle, shin, calf, knee, hip or back. Even in your foot, the pain can be felt in different places, such as the toe, instep, or heel. Do you have any of these complaints? Then our podiatrists will be happy to help you.

With which complaints can you go to a podiatrist?

The therapists at PodoPro treat foot-related complaints of all shapes and sizes. Problems we often see in our practices are:

  • Deviations of the foot
  • Deviations of the toes and nails
  • Complaints in the legs or back (due to an abnormal gait)
  • Complaints due to overload or pressure distribution in the foot
  • Skin and nail disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Complaints in patients with diabetes, rheumatism and vascular disease

Do you want to stop walking around with your foot-related complaint? Feel free to make an appointment at PodoPro in Amsterdam or The Hague.

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