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Have you been walking around for some time with pain in your foot, knee, hip or back? Chances are that this has to do with the position of your feet. Our feet are the basis of our body. An abnormal position changes your posture and can therefore cause pain higher up in your body.

PodoPro, the podiatrist in the Nederlands with locations Amsterdam and The Haque, thinks beyond your complaint. Our foot specialists examine your walking pattern and the position of your feet. We tackle your complaint in a targeted manner with a personal treatment plan. You can think of manual therapy, an orthosis or correction sole. You can also contact us for nail surgery.

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Benefits of PodoPro

  • The PodoPro team is trained as Podotherapist-Plus.
  • The PodoPro team is trained as Podotherapist Plus.
  • We reduce or remedy your foot complaint with a personal approach.
  • The cause of your complaint is central during the treatment. As a result, we also tackle the symptoms.
  • We are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Podiatrists.
  • PodoPro is specialized in manual therapy and nail surgery.
  • We use the latest soles technologies.
  • Locations podiatrist Amsterdam and podiatrist Den Haag
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