Felt therapy can relieve wounds or pressure points locally.

Wounds or pressure points can cause a lot of pain. With felt therapy we can relieve these spots locally and thus relieve your complaints immediately. We use the felt to free the painful area from pressure. Felt therapy can be applied in various cases, for example for wounds, corns and blisters. Felt therapy is usually a temporary fix until the final aid is ready.

Felt therapy can be used as a temporary therapy to relieve a specific area from excessive pressure. Felt therapy is often used to relieve pressure on wounds and thus promote wound healing. Felt can also be used to test whether a definitive therapy or adjustment is useful, such as podiatric soles or an orthosis.

Felt can be applied directly to the skin (provided you are not allergic) and can be left on for several days. However, felt cannot withstand moisture, so try to keep the felt as dry as possible.

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