How can you prepare for the first appointment?

When you come for a consultation for the first time, we ask you to bring your ID with you. If you already wear soles, we ask you to bring them with you.

During the first visit, the podiatrist will have an extensive conversation with you.

Among other things, the complaints, their origin and any changes prior to the complaints are discussed. Then the podiatrist will examine the position of the feet, ankles and knees. Your walking pattern is also monitored. The podiatrist will also touch and palpate your feet to detect pain points and any abnormalities in your foot.

By combining this information, the podiatrist can arrive at a good diagnosis. Depending on all findings, the podiatrist will arrive at the most suitable form of treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to opt for multiple treatment forms.

In addition to the previous investigation, existing soles and shoes are assessed for wear. The wear can give an indication of pressure points. In addition, a 3D scan of your feet will be made. With this method we can accurately visualize the shape of the foot. It is also possible to make an ultrasound (ultrasound) of your foot at a single location.

Treat your foot problem effectively?

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