Does your child have problems walking, playing or running?

If your child does not like to walk (play / run), regularly stumbles or falls, is easily tired or complains of pain in the feet or legs, then you would do well to visit a podiatrist.

These complaints can be caused by a wrong position of the feet or an abnormal gait pattern.

When your child is growing, the podiatrist can be of great help in correcting an abnormal foot position. The sooner this foot position is tackled at a young age, the more effect this will have, also at a later age. In addition, the podiatrist will advise you on which shoes are best for your child according to the age.

Children often have a high physical load due to, for example, sports, active play and gym. If your child complains of pain in the feet and / or legs, after or during exercise, for example, an examination by the podiatrist is recommended. The podiatrists at PodoPro have good contact with pediatric physiotherapists to offer your child the most complete guidance.

It is usually not necessary to rest your child for a long time to remedy complaints such as the heel. With the right treatment, your child can simply stay active. In addition, the podiatrist can also treat abnormal toe positions or nail problems.

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