Do you notice that your shoes no longer fit properly and that you get pain in the big toe joint?

Does your big toe change position and does a bump form on the inside of your foot? Then you may suffer from a Hallux valgus - also known as a crooked position of the big toe.

A Hallux valgus is a misalignment of the big toe.

When pain complaints arise and you can no longer wear most shoes, it becomes a real obstacle. When you notice that your toe is skewed, it is important to take action before pain complaints develop. By taking podiatric measures it is possible to slow down the deformity process and thus prevent pain complaints.

Studies have shown that the development of hallux valgus has a hereditary factor in many cases. But it may be that the skew growth has been activated at some point.

There is a muscle and large tendon plate attached to the underside of the big toe joint. If the foot tilts inwards too much, a disproportionate tension is created on the big toe joint and if this pulls too hard for too long, the joint will slowly but surely become more crooked.

This can be corrected by a sole that ensures that the foot cannot tilt inward as much. A therapy that you can get in many different places. At PodoPro we go a step further. We not only ensure that the foot no longer tilts inward too much, but we also look for the cause of this tilt. In most cases, this is due to an ankle joint or a joint in the midfoot not functioning properly, causing the foot to lose its stability. In many cases this can be remedied with manual foot therapy. Something the podiatrists at Podopro can treat for you.

In some cases the skew is in too far a stage and the Podopro's cannot reduce the pulling force sufficiently. At that time, you can go to the orthopedist with a referral from the GP.

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