All Podopro locations are open again

Since Monday 4 May, Podopro has been able to offer its regular care more extensively in an 'intelligent' way and all locations have been opened again. The safety of our patients and employees is our highest priority. We adapt our care accordingly.

What should you and your practitioner take into account?
1. Space is planned between the various agreements.
2. Preferably come alone and do not come too early. We want to minimize contacts between people as much as possible. If the waiting area is full, we ask you to wait outside as much as possible until your turn.
3. If you cough, sneeze or have a fever, we kindly ask you to take your responsibility and cancel the appointment.
4. As a precautionary measure, your practitioner will wear protective equipment (gloves and mouth mask) as soon as a distance cannot be kept.

We are happy to see and treat you again soon!