Do you experience a nagging, sometimes stabbing pain in your shin?

Do you feel the pain especially when you start running? Pain in the shin we mainly see in athletes who run a lot. Women are more likely to suffer from shin pain than men. This complaint used to be called shin splint. Today this is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS).

The pain starts as a nagging pain on the inside of the shin.

This pain can progress to a more stabbing, vicious pain. When you start running, the pain is usually quite severe. During running, the shin complaints then diminish, but this often worsens again as soon as sports are stopped.

What is MTSS?
What causes the shin pain is still not entirely clear. What is clear is that running can cause and worsen the complaint. Initially, MTSS was thought to be caused by overloading the tendon of the calf muscle (Musculus Soleus) to the tibia (Tibia). However, new studies show that overloading the bone itself is thought to cause shin pain.

Causes of MTSS?
What causes overload on the tibia (tibia)? The main causes are:

  • overpronation of the foot; the foot tilts inward too much during (running) walking
  • insufficient cushioning of running shoes
  • too short calf muscles (then there is imbalance with the shin muscles)

Treatment of MTSD by PodoPro podiatrists?
In our research into MTSS, we first look for abnormalities in foot position and gait pattern. Then we investigate the possible cause of the deviation. This cause may be due to blockages in the feet and ankles. PodoPro will remedy these blockages by means of manual therapy (the so-called loosening of the foot and ankle). If the manipulation is successful, we immediately see improvement in the gait of the foot. In addition, we will propose sole therapy to help the foot to keep running or running properly.

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